Association for Transylvanian Studies


In 1840/1842, the Association for Transylvanian Regional Studies (VsL) was founded across ethnic groups. In regard to the circumstances of the time, it developed into the historical and cultural association of the Transylvanian Saxons. In accordance with the positivist spirit of the time, important editions of sources, handbooks and periodicals (Archiv für siebenbürgische Landeskunde and Korrespondenzblatt des Vereins) were published here. The last three chairmen before the state ban in 1948/50 were the church historians G. D. Teutsch, Friedrich Teutsch and Friedrich Müller-Langenthal. After the political change in 1989/90, a section of the Arbeitskreis für siebenbürgische Landeskunde e. V. (Association for Transylvanian Regional Studies) was founded in Romania. (Heidelberg), the legal successor to the VsL. Since 2006 it has been active as a legally independent association: Societatea de Studii Transilvane. Since 2006, the association has been managed by Dr. Ulrich Andreas Wien together with the board of chairs in Hermannstadt/Sibiu.

Its aim is internationally oriented research on Transylvania that transcends ethnic barriers. This deals with all epochs, organises meetings and conferences and facilitates publications in the publication series of the AKSL or ICSUSib. Important publications include U. A. Wien/Mihai D. Grigore (ed.) Exportgut Reformation. Ihr Transfer in Kontaktzonen des 16. Jahrhunderts und die Gegenwart Evangelische Kirchen in Europa (2017) and U. A. Wien (ed.): Common Man, Society and Religion in the 16th Century/Gemeiner Mann, Gesellschaft und Religion im 16. Jahrhundert. Piety, morality and discipline in the Carpathian Basin/Frömmigkeit, Moral und Sozialdisziplinierung im Karpatenbogen (2021).